Software Engineer with strong emphasis on ML and DSP

Εκκίνηση Οκτώβριος 8, 2013 - Λήξη Δεκέμβριος 8, 2013 Ληγμένο

A small hardware-software company building exciting technologies is seeking an innovative Software Engineer with strong emphasis on ML (Machine Learning) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to join a growing, venture funded Startup company with future operations in Macedonia, Greece.

● Develop novel application based machine learning algorithms
● Implement stateoftheart machine learning techniques in parallel to the methods implemented by our team
● Performing a series of test runs to validate the implemented machine learning algorithms
● Running and analysing the data collection procedures and outcomes
● Other duties as required
Required Skills:
● Proficient in English
● Good communication skills
● Enthusiastic about working on and developing cutting edge technology
● Strong theoretical knowledge on statistical machine learning schemes
● Experience implementing Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGM), Dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBN), or Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
● Experience analysing one kind of timeseries data such as EMG, ECG, EEG, or MMG signal
● Experience working with large datasets
● Excellent coding skill in Matlab and one or more of: Java, C, Python, or Go
● Experience designing, building, and shipping software that’s used by real people every day (i.e. not just internal / corporate tools!)
Nice to have:
● Experience with experiment design and data collection on human participants in a controlled environment
● parallel programming and/or distributed computing
● Great at parallel programming and/or distributed computing
● Experience working in a multidisciplinary team environment is an asset
● Experience with Data Visualization software (Processing.js, or D3.js etc.)
● BSc in EE/CS required, MSc preferred, with a focus on Software Engineering and Machine Learning
For more information read the attached file.

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